Second hand Trailers & Semi Trailers in good conditions

Andreoli semi-trailer

Andreoli semi-trailer, 2001, 2 axles 8 tires, hydraulic suspensions, open canvas, regular inspection, good tires, in excellent condition.

Zorzi semi-trailer

Zorzi semi-trailer, 2007, air suspension, 2 axles, double tires, electric uncovered cover, regular inspection, in good condition.

Two semitrailers Cardi,

Available two semitrailers Cardi, year of registration 1992, 6 tires, with the tank for the transport of food liquids, used for milk transport, in 3 mm stainless steel, heating, load capacity 30,000 liters, in good condition.

Available two Zorzi container semi-trailers

Available two Zorzi container semi-trailers, type 38 S 078, year 2003, 3 axles inflatable boats, with food transport tanks, load capacity 34,000 liters, in good condition. Separate tank and container carriers are also sold.

Goldhofer SPZ flatbed semi-trailer

Goldhofer SPZ flatbed semi-trailer, 4 axles, year 2001, maximum capacity 83.400 kg, length 13.60, maximum length with double extension 26.90, height 1.60, new tires, in excellent condition.

Minerva tipper semitrailer, 3 axles, 6 wheels, year 2007, first steering and liftable axle.

Semi-trailer Viberti

Semi-trailer Viberti, year 2002, length 13.90, disk brakes, capacity 30.080 kg, mechanic check up valid, in good condition.

Semi-trailer rear Zorzi

Semi-trailer rear Zorzi, year 2012, 6 wheels, electric dump trucco tarpaulin , air suspension, disc brake, mechanic check up valid, in good condition.

Zorzi Semitrailer

Zorzi semi-trailer, 3 axles, 10 tires, year 1990, leaf spring, removed for export